ESEA League Pass has arrived!

ESEA Insider is being repurposed as League Pass and will be marked with a gold star instead of blue. League Pass players will no longer need to pay additional fees for ANY division of the ESEA League. ESEA League Pass codes are now starting at an amazing promotional rate of just $30 for 3 months.

ESEA League Pass

ESEA League Pass codes are particularly cost effective for players competing in the higher divisions of the ESEA League, where the fee is larger. In future updates it is expected that League Pass players will be able to participate in multiple divisions (eg 5v5 and the new ESEA custom division) without paying any additional fees.

Moving forward, new subscribers will no longer be able to select the 1 month option for League Pass when checking out.

As a thank you to Insider subscribers ESEA will be adding the following bonus membership time based on their last membership purchase and adding an exclusive profile badge. The membership below will be added to their accounts and their billing date adjusted automatically.

Current League Pass players (ie those who had an Insider membership at the time of this announcement) will receive the following extra membership time added to their account automatically:

  • 1 month = 1 week
  • 3 months = 1 month
  • 6 months = 2 month
  • 12 months = 6 months

League Pass players will continue to receive all of their current benefits such as tickets to ESL stadium events, additional clips, guest passes, and more. ESEA have also added a dozen new fan favorite emotes for League Pass Players to use on their forums, match pages, etc.

Upgrade to League Pass Now

Buy your League Pass codes now for just $30 for 3 months from!

If you are currently subscribed via a code you will have to reach out to ESEA support to start the process of exchanging your current membership time for its equivalent value so you can purchase a League Pass membership.

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