CSGO HUB Launches Huge New Premium Package

A huge update from CSGO HUB has landed.

The update features a new premium membership full of exceptional features for the CSGO fanatic, which we’re sure will provide significant improvements to the quality of your CSGO experience on both ESEA and Valve servers.

In addition to the powerful features such as Map Analysis and weekly Report Cards, which allowed us to climb the ladders over the past year by providing personally tailored analysis and advice on upping our play, the new Premium membership will unlock a host of benefits. Here’s a quick overview of the standout features we can’t wait to get hold of:

Pro Videos

The level of advice provided by the CSGO HUB just turned pro! In addition to the in-depth look at our own game the premium service will now hand-pick videos of our favourite pro players tackling the same situations where we need to improve. No more trawling through hours of matchplay to find specific moments, CSGO HUB Premium automatically searches a vast database to provide the perfect video reference, instantly!

Auto-Completing Bingo Cards

As you’re probably aware, the ESL Pro Tour Masters events now feature a bingo competition where fans at home cross off items on their bingo cards that correspond to events that happen on stream. There are some huge prizes to be won including a range of Knives and Gloves, such as the Butterfly Knife – Tiger Tooth (see above!). Everyone can get a free bingo card for the events but CSGO HUB Premium members get an additional 4 cards, increasing the chance of vicotory by a whopping 400%! In addition, bingo cards owned by CSGO HUB Premium members are AUTOMATICALLY crossed off, meaning you can play along even in your sleep 馃槈

ESEA Premium Membership

The final point needs no introduction. A partnership between ESL and ESEA means you can link your CSGO HUB account and receive FREE ESEA Premium when you sign up to CSGO HUB Premium, amazing!

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